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    FIFA 18 resurfaced through an unpublished video freshly released by Electronic Arts. This time, the US publisher wanted to draw our attention to dynamic replacements, one of the new features in the game. As you can easily guess, the system will make changes without having to go through Menus by pressing R2, provided that the icon appears at the bottom right of the screen. Obviously, it will be possible to determine a certain replacement before the start of each game, which should allow to develop strategies a little more sharpened.

    We recall that FIFA 18 free coins generator will be released as the FIFA 18 will be released worldwide from us on September 29 on PC and consoles.

    FIFA 18 is inspired by the talent of Cristiano Ronaldo to enrich its gameplay.

    The Frostbite engine is a formidable innovation tool to reinforce realism and give life to new environments and colorful characters. It offers a game on the border between the real and the virtual. Using techniques used in the film industry to represent characters and terrain, FIFA 18 is the most realistic and visually impressive football simulation to date.


    Player Control

    Realistic Movement Technology: The brand new animation system uses matching trajectories on each image to provide the most fluid and responsive gameplay in franchise history. New techniques of motion capture and image-by-frame transition allow a true reflection of the reality of football. The Realistic Movement Technology is the central element that offers greater respect for the fidelity in the movements of each player on the field in order to bring greater authenticity to the game.

    Player Character: Six new character types and a new modeling technology allow players to be better differentiated on the field and each has its own identity. For the first time ever, players' movements take into account their real gestures in reality, their size and their abilities so that you can really feel in the shoes of the best footballers. Ronaldo's acceleration, Sterling's hooks and Robben's arm gestures are immediately recognizable in FIFA 18.

    Dribbles redesigned: in FIFA 18, you will be able to contact the defenders with confidence knowing that the best players can change direction in a fraction of a second and too you use fifa 18 illimite coins. Thanks to a new dribbling mechanics, the players are more creative in the duels. Make more precise controls, more devastating hooks and explode on the offensive phases with even more dynamism.

    Reactivity: more creative foot ball, capable of controls adapted to the context of the action and equipped with a new mechanism of control of the dribbling, the players have wider options to carry out offensives in the small perimeters.

    Explosiveness: With realistic animations based on dynamic speed, players can jump faster after a check and place tremendous accelerations.




    Group positioning and style

    New positioning of players: with greater freedom of movement, your partners will analyze the game situations and react accordingly; They will trigger coordinated ball calls or will come in support during the offensive phases. This new positioning brings more balance and allows a better exploitation of the width of the ground and a better reading of the game.

    Collective styling: the wide range of realistic game styles attributed to certain teams reinforces the importance of tactics in FIFA 18 - You will immediately recognize in the AI-controlled teams the tiki-taka set up by some of the biggest clubs European or high pressing practices practiced by some Premier League teams. You will notice differences in offensive and defensive strategies each time you change club or opponent.

    Fast Dynamic Replacements: A brand-new replacement system based on the context of matches facilitates quick player changes without having to pause the game. Whether it is a missed opportunity or a reaction required after a goal is conceded, you can instantly decide if a replacement is required without opening the Pause menu.

    Immersive environments
    Regional atmospheres: realistic sun positioning, cinematographic ambiance, easily recognizable edges, a realistic TV broadcast of La Liga and MLS matches, debris on the lawn, club scarves and pennants Stadiums, appropriate comments, or alteration of the lawn over the course of minutes, all these elements reinforce the realism and authenticity of FIFA 18.

    Dynamic public in high definition: the individual reactions of the public and the addition of new regional songs will allow you to benefit from all the energy of your supporters. Listen to the real supporters' songs accompany your attacks, unleash the crowds when you score and interact with the audience by celebrating your goals.

    moments Sumptuous goals: new animations on the movements and the finish make the ball strikes and the recoveries of the head more fluid. Discover also new, more intense finishing gestures. Thanks to the personality of the players, the heroes of the game assert themselves in high moments and more often succeed in creating feats.

    Center Control: New commands on the centers offer a wider range of options to address the ball in the surface and create dynamic goal opportunities. Address fluid, full-axis or second-pole centers to serve your partners in the best conditions.


    The Adventure: Alex Hunter's return

    Alex Hunter returns with a plethora of characters and football stars like Ronaldo and other great European footballers. After a breathtaking first season in the Premier League, Hunter attracted the attention of major international clubs and wanted to explore new horizons. He feels ready to cross a course when he has the future in front of him and that the world has eyes only for him ... but the world of football is not always fair.

    Visit the planet football: holidays in the Brazilian favelas and off-season tour in Los Angeles, discover exotic environments in an adventure that will take you to the four corners of the planet.

    More goals: Short-term, chapters-based goals offer more opportunities for Alex Hunter who is only in the second season of a promising career.

    A dream cast: Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the great players you'll come across, and you'll meet new characters in an adventure worthy of the biggest blockbusters.

    Key decisions: You will have to face important and difficult choices that will have long-term consequences for the scenario. Give a personal tour of the Adventure by making decisions that will weigh on Alex Hunter's career and his relationships with characters he will encounter on and off the field.

    Your Alex Hunter: Customize Alex Hunter's appearance by choosing his haircut, tattoos and clothes from a wide range of options. You can even choose Alex's strong foot to be sure it fits your style of play.

    Local Multiplayer: Experience the Adventure collectively in local multiplayer and react with your friends on the field.

    New playable characters: you will be able to slip into the skin of independent and independent characters that Alex will encounter during his Adventure.


    FIFA Ultimate Team FIFA Ultimate Team
    icons: the cream of the cream comes in FIFA 18. Play with the most iconic football legends like Ronaldo Nazário, available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.


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